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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Jenne Machine. We have been in the general machining business since 1968.

We are capable of all forms of CNC (and manual) turning and milling operations as well as fixture design and construction. However, we specialize in small part and component manufacturing and work in materials that range from stainless steel, aluminum, standard carbon and space age plastics. Whether you need a single prototype, a few custom parts, or a large production run, we can do the job.

No job is too large or small and we pride ourselves in the quality of our work, our short turnaround time and our hands on service to our customers. Our small flexible shop allows us to personally handle all of your routine or emergency manufacturing needs.

If you would like us to tell you more about our operation, please contact us by e-mail or phone.

Jenne Machine  ·   180 Commercial Lane  ·  Lyndonville, VT 05851  ·  PH (802) 626-1106  ·  FAX (802) 626-1225  ·  E-mail jmsales@myfairpoint.net

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